TheVyrus – Sexual relationship between the married and single

admin September 16, 2012 0

According to the statistics of a recent poll and research done on married men and women worldwide; Nigerian women beat Thailand and Malaysian women who came in 2nd and 3rd respectively to ranked the most unfaithful women in the world. According to this survey conducted by a condom manufacturing company DUREX, which was based on an interview with 29,000 people in 36 countries shows that Thailand has the highest unfaithful men as 54 percent of their men cheat, south Korea; 34 percent and Malaysians 33. On the other hand Nigerian women has 62 percent, Thailand 59, Malaysia 39, Russia 33 and Singapore came in fifth with 19 percent. This gave rise to a serious up roar and diverse local analysis on the issue to determine how genuine the poll result was. While most men agreed to the results of the poll, few disagreed; also most women disagreed and few agreed. From local observations, the unfaithfulness can be seen on both sides; Married men cheat and their wives too. Too straight forward some might say; but from observations by exposed personalities, you find out that lately, it is quite difficult for a rich married man to be faithful even at his best state of responsibility as a husband not in the habit of cheating. This is because even according to the bible, money answered all things and that includes promiscuity. Most marriages at a stage feel like a chore and therefore it begins to bore even sexually. Once the children come in, the fun reduces and the stress shoots up leaving the couple little or no time for themselves. most times in situations of this nature, the women are the ones majorly affected because they are always the ones to take care of the home and kids which leaves them somewhat less time to take care of themselves which final at some point makes them sexually unattractive to their husbands. At this point the man becomes vulnerable to what he sees on a daily basis (sexy young gals lurking the streets through the days). And since he is relatively in the working-class category, he is rich; And to these girls who may not even be looking for something serious it makes it possible for these men to cheat with less effort, viewing it as fun; with the excuse that their wives aren’t what they use to be; although the love might still be there. They derive sexual satisfaction from single younger girls who they fill their handbag with gifts and affluence exchange of adultery.
          Ladies who mostly after living a brief single life and gets married early maybe to a very busy man most times feel cheated or lonely thinking their husbands are out there busy most times outside the country or the town where the family stays. These ladies after making one or two kids feel they no more appear attractive to their husbands who may not give them as much attention as was given them when younger. This is another situation that this time around leaves the ladies in search of ‘sexual pleasure’ lesser choice than to look for young attractive naïve boys who wants to belong but with less treasure to achieve their young dreams. In most cases unlike the normal routine, the boys get approached by these ladies who ab initio come as a harmless older fan who just admires their handsomeness or swag but as time elapses it metamorphoses to something mushy. Being seem as an achievement for young lads, you see them brag to their friends about their escapades with married woman. 
          At the end of the day, this promiscuity is between the married and single is seen mostly between the married rich and the single poor or as a fun thing to derive sexual satisfaction for the rich or for the single who thinks that somehow it boosts their social ego.
          They say bad habits are the hardest to drop; people that can’t stay faithful in a mere relationship end up being promiscuous even at the point of marriage.